It’s a new world.

Like everything else, marketing and communications have changed.
Mythical Creatures Collective

Full service.


Award-winning creatives.

All the results, none of the overheads.

Welcome to the
Mythical Creatures Collective

The Marketing Communications Collective.
True to our name, our exclusive collective has been underground, referral only, working in the background to design and deliver great marcomms through our virtual network.

But times have changed. We’re choosing to see these challenges as an opportunity to rise from the ashes of the old way of operating, and support business trying to navigate their communications – and keep afloat – in this strange new world.

We’re here to help.

Our Collective

We’re a network of Australia’s best creatives and suits from a diverse range of leading agencies. With over 200+ collective years experience, we have major award winners, business owners, freelancers, smaller agencies, moonlighters and coordinators pulling it all together.

And we’re 100% dedicated to marketing and communications.

We’re strategists, PR pros, copywriters, designers, social and digital geeks, creative geniuses, designers, producers and film, photography, and animation artists. And we’re 100% dedicated to our craft.

There isn’t an industry or business type that at least one of us hasn’t worked in. We’ve built some of the world’s biggest brands, and quirkiest start-ups. We’re fully integrated, channel agnostic, but have (almost) mythical powers in digital, SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing) and Google Ads/Adwords, media strategy, employer branding, EVP and internal communications and finally, retail activation.

As professionals used to managing our projects on time and on budget, each member chooses jobs based on capacity and expertise. And when we commit, we deliver.

We can help you find who or what you need.

Our Approach

Our network spans the full spectrum of marketing and communications services provided by any of the big, integrated agencies.

Our results are the same because the people are the same; operating as a 100% virtual team without the overheads.

As members set our own hourly rates, our services can be a little as 50% of the rate we’re often billed out at through an employer.

So you might think the holy grail of quality, speed and value is a myth. It’s not; it just takes a collective of Mythical Creatures to make it happen

Our Process

Our programs always start with a good strategy.

If you don’t have a strategy, we’ll do one for you at a fraction of the cost of old-school planning sessions, with the same outcome. One of our brilliant, proven strategists will design the best strategy for your organisation just drop us a line to find out more


Contact us virtually any way you like.

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